Back In Motion Helps Any Athlete Remove
Limits and Reach New Levels….

Back In Motion Helps Any Athlete Remove
Limits and Reach New Levels….

sports performance training fort myers florida

Whether you want to help your child reach their highest potential in sports or participate in athletics while mitigating the chances for serious injuries, our Sports Performance Training program can help make it all happen!

The first thing we teach our athletes is….

Speed, coordination, acceleration, and endurance are all learnable skills!

Don’t fall for the myth that “some kids have it and others don’t”!

We’ve proven otherwise over and over again, working with athletes and non-athletes alike.

Breathe easier knowing our programs are the only area program overseen by a Sports Performance Specialist, as well as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

The long-term development and safety of our athletes is Number One Mission.

Why You Should Choose Us For Your Sports Performance Training

Why You Should Choose Us For Sports Performance Training 

  • Advanced Speed & Agility– Change directions more swiftly or cross the finish line faster, our sports performance training will help your child move with greater speed and ease.

  • Greater Flexibility– will reduce your child’s risk of injuries caused by poor flexibility (such as muscle strains)

  • Improved Self-Confidence– self-esteem, and psychological satisfaction

  • One-On-One Coaching– our coaches won’t let your athlete get hurt under their watch and will ensure proper form

  • Increased Endurance– will enable your child to power through challenges, remain focused, and maintain good technique
  • Increased Strength & Explosiveness-This supports healthy bone and muscle development through age-specific and sport-specific exercises
  • Prevent Injuries– Decrease the chances of career-ending or dangerous injuries
  • Overseen By A Doctor– We’re the only program in the area that is overseen by a Doctor of Physical Therapy


Our strength & conditioning programs has helped children reach sports goals they never thought possible, avoid sports injuries, and express greater self-esteem. Research has shown children over seven can benefit from strength training.


Too many athletes, coaches, and parents believe the myth that speed is just something you’re “born with” or not… The truth is speed is a highly refined skill requiring specific training to tap into.


From basketball, soccer, football, baseball, track, etc, we do it all. Whether you want to help your athlete reach their highest potential or mitigate the chances for serious injuries, our training programs can help make it all happen!


Our vertical jump training in Fort Myers is designed using the principles of plyometric and bodyweight strength exercises and calisthenics, therefore, you don’t need access to a gym.

Hi! My name is Dr. Scott Gray

I’m the owner and founder of Back In Motion Fitness and Performance, right here in Fort Myers, Florida.

Let’s face it, athletics has become more and more competitive over the years. These days, it’s not enough for your child to do a few drills in their spare time before tryouts and still make the team.

As a former Division 1 athlete myself, I know first-hand the amazing benefits that sports performance training can have on a young athlete.

What Your Child Can Expect From Each Workout…

What Your Child Can Expect From Each Workout…

  • A thorough, dynamic warm up
  • That day’s speed and/or explosiveness skill
  • An age-appropriate strength training workout
  • Sport-specific conditioning work
  • A complete flexibility interval
  • A cool-down period

Here’s What Our Amazing Clients Say….

Here’s What Our Amazing Clients Say….

“As a soccer coach myself, I know a few drills and things to help my athletes but not like the program they’ve got at BIM Fitness & Performance. I now send all my athletes here!”

Eddie Carmean, Parent of Youth Athlete & Soccer Coach

“BIM Fitness Provides Professional Instruction In Speed And Agility Training. Their Speed And Strength Training Programs Are Designed To Take Serious Athletes Of All Sports To The Next Competitive Level. BIM Treats Every Athlete Individually, Evaluates Their Goal And Formulates A Training Plan Specifically Designed To Achieve Their Goals.”

Coach Dre, Parent & Soccer Coach

“This has been the best investment for my youth athlete. He’s not only improved his performance, but he hasn’t had any injuries, too!”

Stephanie Young, Parent of Youth Athlete

” I have had a great experience at Back In Motion helping me get better and stronger for my upcoming baseball season. They have a clear understanding for sports performance and are always pushing you to get better. I’ve been able to put up 50 plus pounds on my deadlift and squat, and I’ve gained at least 3 mph on my fastball velocity! I would recommend going to Back In Motion to take your game to the next level!”

– Alex Burden | SFSC College Baseball Pitcher

Claiming Your Free Sports Performance Consultation
Is The Next Logical Step…

Claiming Your Free Sports Performance Consultation
Is The Next Logical Step…

As you can see, we’ve helped many athletes and we’d like to see if we can help yours, too!

Take the next step by registering for your free sports performance consultation.

What You Will Get In Your Free Sports Performance Consultation:

  • All questions and concerns answered truthfully

  • A better understanding of what you and your athlete’s goals are and what you want to achieve.

  • A roadmap & a step-by-step process on how we’re going to help your athlete reach their goals.

  • An athlete assessment to discern what your athlete’s strengths and weaknesses are.

  • Plus much, much, more

You’ll receive a call back from me or someone on our team to answer any questions you may have and to schedule your initial session.

Please Note: Space is extremely limited. Complete the application today.

I look forward to working with you and your athlete!

Dedicated to Your Athlete’s Success,

P.S. The time is now to help your athlete reach their maximum potential. Your chance to make your son or daughter’s dreams come true is here. Take the next logical step by signing up for our free consultation.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

My 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our training programs have a 100% money back guarantee.

We’ve seen first-hand how sports performance training in Fort Myers helps athletes, I personally guarantee that my team and I can improve your athlete’s performance or you can have your money back.

Yes, it’s a bold statement.

I agree.

But I believe in it and have seen the impact it can have on an athletes life an career so I’m taking all the risk.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our
Sports Performance Programs

Frequently Asked Questions About Our
Sports Performance Programs

We work with all athletes and parents that are serious about enhancing sports performance and improving athletic abilities, regardless of the sport.

Now you can finally step on the scale and watch the numbers move in the right direction!

The results we’ve seen are extraordinary!

Of course, I’m a bit biased, so I’ll let some of our REAL WORLD clients say it for us…

Believe it or not, all athletes should be participating in a sports performance training program year round.

As the seasons get longer and longer, your athlete’s body naturally becomes fatigued and breaks down.

This is just one of the many reasons why we recommend all athletes train at least one day per week.

Good question.

Although doing exercises with your soccer, baseball, or football coach has its place at practice, your positional coaches are NOT experts in sports performance training.

Sure. They may have an idea on what to do, but they don’t know how to test or discern:

  • Your athlete’s preparedness for sport
  • If they’re at risk for a serious injury
  • How to perform exercises the right way
  • How to safely design a sports training program
  • Plus much, much, more

Although your coach’s heart is in the right place, you need an EXPERT to really elevate your athlete’s sports performance.

After all, that’s why every professional sports team has their own expert, specifically for the sports performance training…


In fact, we recommend athletes start a sports performance training program at this age.

It helps address fundamental issues like:

  • Delayed coordination
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Low self-confidence & poor self-image
  • Decreased endurance
  • Poor body composition
  • Future health problems resulting from a more sedentary lifestyle

Sadly, physical education programs are being cut from school budgets across the country.

Our kids today are losing out on the basic “play” we grew up with that produces robust health AND a positive attitude towards fitness and exercise.

In many cases, if your child isn’t signed up for some type of private league, they have few options for growth and development in a way we took for granted.

Our Sports Performance Program fills that crucial missing piece of the youth fitness puzzle.

All of this can be avoided when your child is part of a supportive and fun environment where growth, confidence, and overall health are a priority!

We’ve designed our Sports Performance Program to include kids involved in formal sports programs, as well as those looking to stay fit and develop a lifetime of good habits.

Take the Next Step By Claiming Your
FREE Sports Performance Consultation