Just because low-impact exercise contains the term ‘low-impact,’ don’t underestimate them. Low-impact exercise may prove to be a calorie-burning workout. They are a perfect complement to your weight-loss plan. What is the fuss about low-impact exercise? Low-impact exercises are less stressful on joints if we compare them to high-impact activities, like jumping roping, running. Low-impact aerobic activities are recommended to those persons, who are new to exercise, are overweight, pregnant, have an injury, or suffering from chronic conditions, like osteoporosis. They are easier on the body, and your joints will thank you as the heart-pumping workout without worrying too much about injuries. They are also perfect for a day when you are too overwhelmed to engage your body in the heavy workout.

Some of the best low impact exercises that can help you lose extra fat.

1) Kettlebell Swing

If you have already done them before, you wouldn’t be wondering why there is so much buzz around this classic exercise. There are multiple reasons kettlebell swing is considered the top spot in the workout world. The exercise is known for its versatility and ability to increase your heart rate quickly. It drives you to an incredible total-body movement that requires power, speed, and balance. The swing targets the muscles of your hamstrings, hips and glutes, upper body along with your core. Specific muscle benefits are clutch including the movement that shapes a fitter and powerful body overall. Kettlebell swing training is considered one of the best exercises that enhance aerobic capacity, dynamic balance and significantly boost core strength. It means you can get a cardio workout with just kettlebells.

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2) Rower

If we talk about low impact, high-intensity exercise, nothing can beat a rowing machine. You are fit to do this exercise till you don’t have too many issues with lower back or bad rounded shoulders. With a rower, you can ramp up the intensity with minimal wear and tear on the body. Some fitness experts even argue that a rower burns more calories than running or cycling. It is an effective aerobic exercise that comes with cardiovascular benefits and keeps your heart and lungs healthy. A rowing machine gives you a total body workout and works on all major muscle groups. It is one of the few exercises that include both upper and lower body. A rower can help you both – lose weight and provides strength. It means, this exercise burns fat and builds muscles at the same time.

3) Wall Balls

Why are wall balls amazing exercise? Because they entail movements of nearly every joint of your body making them the best way to hit a lot of muscles at the same time. Wall ball is performed in multiple planes and requires below parallel and overhead movement. They include highly functional movement and are superb scalable exercise. The height of the target is also scalable, and regardless of your ability, you can always get the most out of this exercise. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a cardio respiratory exercise, wall balls are the way. They not only light up your muscles but also give a good workout to your heart and lungs. It is the simplest exercise to increase both aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

The exercises, mentioned will not only help you watch your calorie count but also make you feel strong and stable before you kick off more advanced workouts.

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