What’s the proper way to unlock your child’s full athletic potential?

As a parent, you child’s health and well being are always your top priority, so choosing whom to trust with overseeing their athletic training is a big decision.

And every parent can tell you that watching their child experience success while playing a sport they truly enjoy is heart-warming.

Sports–when coached and managed correctly–
has a laundry list of lifelong benefits.

Among them are:

★ Improved self-confidence★ Improved self-image
★ Increased resilience
★ Better long-term fitness habits
★ Better nutritional choices
★ Improved sense of “team work”
★ Etc, etc.

The purpose of sports performance training is to maximize each and every one of these important traits.

Think of sports performance training as a “supplement” to sports, in the same sense a multivitamin is a supplement to a proper diet.

It’s an insurance policy of sorts…

It assures that more bases are covered than regular practice can provide. The 3 most important proven benefits include:

● Decreased likelihood of injury
● Improved performance “on the field”
● Maximizing of physical maturation (taking full advantage of the “growing years”)

There are some careful considerations however…

With the amount of self-proclaimed “coaches” and “one-size-fits-all” weight room routines promoted in the marketplace, it can be difficult to know whether or not you’re putting your son or daughter into the best position for success.

At BIM Fitness and Performance, your child’s specialized training sessions are designed and overseen by Dr. Scott Grey, a professional sports performance coach with a doctorate in Physical Therapy, ensuring that every movement is executed correctly–and safely.

Leaving your child in the care of someone unqualified for the task is a legitimate concern. Our program puts your mind at ease.

Being a former Division 1 football player himself, Dr. Gray understands an “athlete’s perspective” as well as anyone, meaning your aspiring superstar will get training from a coach who understands their needs.

At BIM we provide our athletes with cutting edge workouts, backed by science…not opinion!

Each workout will include :

★ A thorough dynamic warm-up

★ That day’s speed/explosiveness skill

★ An age-appropriate strength training workout

★ Sport-specific conditioning work

★ A complete flexibility and cool-down period

The first thing we teach our athletes when they begin our training is that speed, coordination, acceleration, and endurance are all learnable skills!

Do NOT fall for the old myth of “some kids have it, some kids don’t”.

With the right training, the best science, and the help of committed professionals, your child can reach their full athletic potential.

Whether they’re aiming to improve their strength, increase agility, extend top-end speed or improve their endurance, the specialized workouts BIM Sports Performance provides will yield noticeable results, guaranteed.

As mentioned, your child’s performance in sports can have a profound effect on their own self-image. If they aren’t playing at their best or if see other kids passing them by, this can have a direct impact on their self-confidence.

We’re aware that every young athlete wants to be a star on the field. But frankly, we’re just as focused on every individual’s overall development as their sports performance…

We’re keenly aware of the traits that matter long-term and give them just as much attention as they short-term gains they will experience under our guidance.

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Our goal at BIM is the same as yours, to help your child experience athletic success and promote overall fitness from a young age.

Introducing your child to these types of specialized workouts serves to develop lifelong nutritional and fitness habits, as well as building a sense of discipline in pursuit of progress.

Our programs will help them work smarter, play harder, and give them an opportunity to show how good they can be…all while drastically reducing the risk of injury.

Most of us have experienced at least one moment in our lives when we’ve said to ourselves “I wish I had this type of program available when I was a kid, imagine where I’d be now.” The opportunity now exists for your child to do just that…

You can feel 100% confident leaving this piece of the puzzle to us. We’ll instill proper dietary habits, and a love for training that they’ll carry with them throughout their lives.

Success is important…but long-term development and growth are necessities.

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