Improving An Athlete’s Vertical Jump Is A Learnable Skill…

My classmates were cheering for me, I was the hope…

It was the night of our final game. I recall it was 20 seconds left when I looked on the scoreboard on my right side.

Those 20 seconds were about to decide the fate of our whole team.

The trophy we dreamed of bringing back to our school.

My classmates were cheering for me, I became the hope and disappointment to hundreds of people in those 20 seconds when I missed the basket.

I couldn’t jump high enough to dunk it.

Next day, my coach demanded me to work on my vertical jump.

The vertical jump is a standard test to determine the explosiveness of an athlete.

It helps in selecting and recruiting athletes.

The ability to jump vertically is critical to most sports, so it’s worth spending time to improve it.



Improving The Vertical Jump Comes Down To One Simple Concept….

The piece of the puzzle most athletes do not think upon is the science behind the vertical jumps.

Understanding this concept would ultimately help to increase the vertical jump.

The secret to jumping high can be found in books on basic physics

Improving the vertical jump comes down to one simple concept which is to increase the total power-to-bodyweight ratio.

The power-to-bodyweight ratio (PWR) is the amount of power produced to body weight.

It is calculated by measuring the power of an athlete and dividing it into the body weight.

Structurally designed workout routines can help achieve this ideal PWR goal.

Another very important factor contributing to the improvement of your
vertical jump is FLEXIBILITY.

Flexibility plays an important role to get into the proper position and goes into the full range of motion when an athlete jumps.

Flexibility can be increased by doing dynamic and static stretching. Dynamic stretching uses the speed of and momentum to stretch a muscle ligament.

Static stretching is keeping the body at rest and staying in one position while stretching a muscle.

For example, swinging the arms side to side is a dynamic while leaning over to touch your feet is a static stretch.

There are a lot of approaches through which an athlete can improve its vertical jumps.

While some prefer to follow old school methods of reading manuals and educating themselves on different approaches involved (Which is great) than others also prefer to enroll themselves into a professionally curated vertical jump training programs wherein experts and coaches custom design the workout curriculum for the athlete best suited per their bodies.

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See How You Can Increase Your Vertical Jump

Back in Motion introduces you to the best vertical jump training program designed for beginner to intermediate athletes.

We begin with lower intensity exercises and general body-weight exercises to prepare the body for the more intense later weeks.

Our vertical Jump training in Fort Myers is designed using the principles of plyometric and bodyweight strength exercises and calisthenics, therefore, you don’t need access to a gym.

The training period is divided into three phases:

Weeks 1-3: This will be called the prep phase. Workouts involved would be low-intensity plyometrics and core strengthening exercises to prepare the body for the next two phases. Exercises such as planks, squat jumps, superman, hip thrust and more will be involved.

Weeks 4-7: This will be called the power induction phase. Workouts involved would focus on increasing the intensity of the plyometrics and introduce exercises to develop more power. Exercises such as tuck jumps, single-leg deadlift, power skipping and more will be involved.

Weeks 8-10: This will be called the final phase. Workouts involved would focus on teaching to develop the body’s quickness and how to convert the newly acquired power into the highest possible vertical jump. The body is now allowed to use all adaption reserves for achieving explosiveness. Exercises such as depth jump, rim jump, sprints, ankle hops, and more are involved.

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Our Team Of Experts Provides You The Tools And Tips Necessary To Create An Extraordinary Vertical Jump.

We guide you towards the aspects to improve each of the 3 jump phases, specific exercises to help increase the height of your jump, and understanding the science behind the vertical jump.

So, don’t wait up and visit us today!

We have helped thousands of people increase their vertical jumps and become top athletes.

We represent the same principles many NBA, NFL, MLB, athletes have followed.

If you embark on this journey with our Fort Myers sports performance programs, we promise you that your vertical jump will have no choice but to increase!

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