Optimum body strength is important. Mother Nature has endowed all of us with sufficient muscles coupled with a fabulously designed body structure to undertake almost all the physical tasks, meant for our survival and growth, efficiently. Be it running, lifting weight, doing everyday tasks, etc., possessing adequate body strength is a must for these. Though, modern lifestyle has taken a toll on the health of majority of people. Lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits, disrupted sleep patterns and abusive substances are partly to be blame. The other fraction of the blame goes to our lack of focus towards out health.
All is not lost though! In this post, we will discuss the top 5 most effective ways to improve your strength.
Let us get going!

Practice Sets until Fatigue!

Your muscles only build up after they have been ‘worn’ out. When you exercise, the muscle fibers work up and as the load increases, the muscle fibers cannot hold to it for much longer. After consequent sets and multiple days, your body automatically instructs the muscles to regenerate more and stronger muscle fibers, ultimately providing you more strength. While you might have been practicing strength exercise sets without fatigue until now, there are chances that your muscles might not have achieved the desired strength. The simplest way to ensure regeneration of strong muscles is practicing your exercise sets until fatigue.

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Work on your Explosive Strength

Explosive strength is the type of strength measured as a force factor versus the time. In other words, explosive strength is the measure of ‘how fast can your body produce the required force’ to lift a weight, sprint, etc. Your body usually achieves this by making many motor-muscle units work together rapidly. The amount of weight you can lift or the distance you can sprint depends on your explosive strength. First scientific method to enhance your explosive strength is rapid repetition of your current sets, followed by shorter intervals. This shall be incorporated in your Resistance Training. Second scientific method is the ballistic resistance training.

Work on Big Muscle Groups First

To boost explosive strength, it is advised that you tone up your major muscle groups first to strengthen them for heavier loads at rapid repetitions. That means, to start building strength, you need not focus on the individual muscle groups like legs, shoulders, etc. before you have worked on your core and abdomen, pelvic muscles, etc. The idea behind doing so is to build strength uniformly across the muscle distribution in your body. For upper body, you practice cable chest dips, for lower body muscles you can practice squats and lunges, and for abs and core you can practice bicycle crunches, dumb bell push crunches, etc.

Second comes the Individual Muscles

Once you have worked on your major muscle groups, you will achieve uniform strength distribution across the body. Now comes the part where you will be working on individual muscle groups. It is advised that you start by increasing the load on your weakest lifts. For example, if you think your bench press is weak, you will want to isloate the different muscles of the bench press exercise. You may want to focus on the tricep muscles, or you may want to focus in on your chest muscles. The point is… you want to isolate the weak muscles.This strength building strategy will help you build up the strength in a systematic manner for the long-term sustenance.

Mix Up Your Sets and Reps Every Month

Have you ever noticed the song you like the most gets ‘boring’ and even ‘annoying’ if you keep listening to it on repeat. That is the curse of repetition of a schedule. Anything effective ceases to be effective after a definite period of time. Same holds true for the pattern of your sets and reps. It is crucial that you mix those numbers, shuffle the order of the exercises, and increase/decrease speed and repetitions to see the best results of strength building.

The above-mentioned steps should help you build up adequate strength given that you are consistent in your efforts. To learn more about the different ways we can help you if you’re an athlete you can click here or if you want to inquire about cost and appointment availability click here.

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