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3 Myths About Youth Strength Training

You want your child to grow up strong and healthy. You know that strength training is beneficial for adults, but what about children? There are plenty of misconceptions when it comes to youth strength training. The bottom line is that youth strength training is just as beneficial (if not more) to

The Importance of Strength Training for Youth Athletes

Participation in youth sports is one of the best ways to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle for your child. But in order for your child to stay healthy in sport and reach their full potential, they will have to do some extra training outside of practice. As your child

10 Tips to Achieving Your Fitness and Health Goals

We all love the idea of getting fitter and healthier. Some of us love the exciting challenge of pushing ourselves to new levels of fitness. But a fitness plan can quickly go from fun to failure. Flaws in our plan can make reaching our health goals impossible and drain our

Benefits of Youth Sport Performance Training

Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash Don’t you love seeing the look of pure joy on your child’s face when he or she scores for the team? Children quickly learn that some of their best moments come from hard work. That’s why youth sports are so great – they

5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise That No One is Talking About

“Exercise helps you lose weight, boosts your health, burns fat…” You know that exercise is good for you. But some days, you need a really convincing reason to get off the oh-so-comfy couch. Well, here’s your reason. These 5 secret benefits of exercise should get more credit. After all, they’re

Are You Making These Fat Loss Mistakes?

You thought you were doing everything right: cutting calories, exercising more, choosing healthier snacks…but you STILL haven’t seen the slightest difference in your body fat. Fat loss isn’t always clear cut. Food labels that shout “Fat free!” and fat loss devices that claim to help you lose weight, fast, may